Card Player Poker School

For the past few years I have attended several poker school’s in Las Vegas. These poker schools are hosted by some of the top professional poker players in the world. Although I can’t teach you the basics of poker you can learn a lot from these poker players.

card player poker school

The first poker school I attended was sponsored by Bobby Heugel. He had this to say “I am going to teach you the techniques of a pro in a poker school for a mere one thousand dollars. If you can beat the twenty grand he is offering you will be in. I am giving you this money so that you can prove to the poker world that you are ready to step into the world of the professional poker player.

What you need to do is learn how to play better than a card player. I’ll show you how to learn how to play better and win more. You can learn everything about the game in just one hour poker class.”

Although the costs of these classes range from twenty dollars up to two hundred dollars, it doesn’t matter because in order to beat a card player you have to know everything there is to know about the game. This is where poker school can become very valuable. And I can see why it is called a poker school.

My second poker school was sponsored by Mr. Kim Reynolds. He has a ten thousand dollar prize that I won in a large tournament when I was eighteen, it would be hard to believe if I told you the truth that I won that money.

With his help you will learn all about the theories of the game and how to read a card player. As far as poker school goes, this one was worth all the money in the world.

The last one I attended was sponsored by the largest online poker school and I’ll explain why in a moment. Here is what they said “We offer you a one-week introductory course, this one-week class gives you all the tools to start playing for the highest stakes online poker.

You are the ones who will decide if you can compete with the top pros and make the money needed to get into a tournament. Our guide and review will show you exactly what you need to know. In addition we have offered another six-week advanced cash game poker training class.